Clean with water and soap, dry with paper towels. Repeat clean with hydrogen peroxide solution, dry. Apply olive leaf powder and activated charcoal powder to the wound to cover it completely, also oral 400 mg olive leaf every 12 hours for two days.
Taurine is an amino (sulfonic) acid naturally produced by the body to protect the nervous system and repair neurons, nerves, etc. Supplementation is…
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In May of '21 I stated that NAC is the "best vaccine candidate" against SARS- COV2. A recent paper ( Sept '22) confirms that to the dot:
This is a buddy burner, made with cat food empty can, rolled cardboard and melted wax, burns for over an hour, the metal candle stand from the dollar…
Get this mesh jumbo pencil cup from the dollar store, make two holes at the bottom with a Phillips screwdriver and hammer. Half fill with pellets, use a…
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It is a misconception that a tealight candle will produce a low fixed amound of heat regardless of modifications. If you make a mesh strainer heater, as…
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